Saturday, August 26, 2006

My mom's got balls!

Someone my mom knows has a grandson that was born 4/15, DS was born 4/17. So they're kind of in a "grandma war". Here's a recent conversation they had:

Mom: "Is your daughter getting him his shots?"

Lady: "Oh yes, they even gave him a vitamin K shot when he was first born."

Mom: "Oh, G's not getting his shots. I take it your grandson is circumcised?" (she said that because of the vit. K)

Lady: *all happy and beaming* "He didn't even cry when he got it done!"

Mom: "He will when he's older".

My mom is so funny. She's more of an intactivist than me, and she has even admitted that she would have gotten any sons (she had three girls).that they had circ'd because she didn't know any better, and my dad is circ'd, as well as everyone in our family and dh's family. DS is the first one to be intact, and I hope that stops the cycle.