Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Love Poem for my son

When he nuzzles to my breast
then unlatches to flash me that
Toothless grin, ridge in the
middle of his gums
And breath sweet with the smell of milk
I look at his face
trying to engrave it into my memory
The sound of his laughter
The grunts of frustration
The incessant groany tired talking
somewhere between a laugh and a cry
The smell of his head-
of nothing, and of everything sweet in the world,
all at the same time
The perfectly smooth
mother's milk complexion
And eyelashes that go on and on
How he talks with his eyes
questioning and observing everything
in his world
Being the center of his universe
the one that he buries his face into
when he meets someone new
I try to hold it
to keep it with me for always
Like trying to keep fog
in a jar
It will evaporate
leaving only traces of what once was
I'll glance away,
turn back
And my baby will be
Gina H./2006