Thursday, July 26, 2007

Clean with me!

I'm starting something new- in order to keep myself accountable, I am going to post a new challenge every weekday (and possibly some weekends). Sometimes when things get too bad around here, I feel so unmotivated because I don't know where to start. I just feel like sitting in the middle of the room and crying. I find it helps to start out small. In my house (and I'm sure most houses) the smallest room is the bathroom. If you have two bathrooms, start with the one that is used the most. We're not going to go above and beyond and clean everything or else we won't have the motivation to continue on tomorrow.

Wait until you have an hour or more- preferably when the kiddos are taking a nap and out of the way. Plug the sink, add a bit of soap, and run some hot water in there. Now empty all the toys out of the bathtub and put them in the sink. Take all shampoo/conditioner bottles, razors, soap, scrubbies, shaving cream, etc. out of the tub and set it on the counter. Spray down the walls, fixtures, tub, and soap holders down with cleanser (I try to use natural cleansers, but for this first cleaning you might need something a bit tougher such as Scrubbing Bubbles).

Lay a towel down on the counter or on the floor if you don't have room. Now we're going to let the cleanser do it's work while you clean the tub toys. Ours tend to get a bit slimey after a while, I'm guessing from soap yuck. Wash each toy and set it on the towel. When all the toys are washed, drain and scrub down the sink and sink fixtures (faucet, handles). If your toothbrush holder, cup, and soap holder need to be washed, clean those too.

By this time, your tub should be done mellowing, so get a scrubby pad and get to work. Scrub the grout, around the drain, the soap holder, the tub, even the ceiling if you can reach it (only if it's tiled). Rinse everything down and return the toys and grooming products to their rightful places. Make sure you recycle or throw away anything that is empty and razors that are dull.

Put some toilet cleaner in the toilet and let it set while you clean off the counters. Put away anything that doesn't belong, throw away anything that is trash. Spray and wipe down the mirror, and when that is done continue down to the counters and wipe those down too.

Now swish the toilet and finish by wiping down the back and outside. Make sure there is toilet paper. Cull magazines or books that are next to the toilet.

Phew! We're almost done- now we need to work on the floor. If you have a rug, toss it in the wash. Vacuum or sweep the floor. Now get down on your hands and knees (come on now, no complaining- it's a small room and you'll be done in no time!) and wash the floor starting at the far wall and ending at the door. Stand up and admire your work- doesn't that look great?!