Sunday, September 23, 2007

More canning

I did 11 quarts of tomatoes today. DH helped- I even put them through the blender so there's no chunks (DH is a veggie sissy like that). I don't have any canning supplies, so I'm improvising- dh cut a regular funnel so that it could handle big chunks, I'm using my corn cooking pot to do the waterbath, and I'm just letting them cool a bit and then using a potholder to get them out of the bath because I don't have jar tongs. It's pretty ghetto, but I'm making it work. We went to Meijer today and all the canning supplies were so picked over there wasn't anything I needed- they didn't even have quart or pint jars, only the quilted jelly jars:(

I still want to do pickles, my mom said my great aunt has a great dillybean recipe (pickled green beans), and if dh's aunt comes through with more tomatoes I'd love to do some salsa!