Thursday, September 13, 2007

Relieved and doctor visit

J is so happy for me, she started crying (good crying) when I told her! After canning some grape juice, I went to the doctor and they did and qualitative and quantitative blood draw (after doing a pee test, because for some reason they don't like to believe you when you say you've had a positive hpt).

I've got an order to go again on Friday or Saturday for another blood draw to find out how far along I am. The doctor was very uncaring about the fact that I've been bleeding, I hate how doctors can be so cold. Maybe it's time to call D (the CNM I used for my first pregnancy).

I called the homebirth midwife, G. This was my first time speaking with her, and she sounds AWESOME!!! I'm so excited to meet with her- I have to call after I get the blood tests to set up a home visit. She has two other midwives that she's partnered with, and they do all prenatals in your home as well as the homebirth for $1800. Still a good sum of money, but totally worth saving/working for since this will be a VBAC.