Friday, September 28, 2007


First, C and I went to my mom's house for a visit. It was actually to get out of the house- B said he'd clean, but he'll only clean when we're not here. While we were there, we went for a walk to a yard sale right down the road......I pulled C in his wagon. I got a couple little containers for C's snacks, but other than that there wasn't anything we needed although it was a huge (and very well put together) sale for a change. I'm so sick of stopping at yard sales just to see that it looks like they ran through their house that morning to find junk to set out.

J and F got here a bit after 3, and C and F were so cute playing together (as usual). They were both hiding under the same playsilk (21" x 21") and giggling when one would pull it off the other. Then F decided to sit in the tiny rocking chair. It's C's chair, so he went to sit on it with her. I have the cutest picture of two nakie babies sitting in a teeny rocking chair :swoon: