Thursday, October 30, 2008

ChaCha'ing my way to paying the mortgage

So far I'm at $685, payout is on the 15th but the money has to be in the account by the 14th. I've got 2 weeks to make the remainder, but at the rate I'm going I should have no problem achieving it! If anyone wants to signup for, please use my email ( as your referral address. I get 1% of whatever you make (doesn't take it out of your earnings, it's just a kickback to me), and every little bit helps.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater

LoL- just a picture of what the cold water bath looked like after washing Lillie

And the tub after it was drained

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Washing Dalanea

Following directions from this site (thanks to absmom on DSD for suggesting it)

In the tub for a cold water soak

Check out that nasty water!

What the wool looks like after the cold water soak- better than before, but not great


Into the pot of super hot and very soapy water

After the first hot water bath- looking better!

Then into the hot water bath for a second time, a couple of rinses, and here it is after bath #2 and rinsing (but still wet)

No pictures of it dry or carded yet, those to come at a later date

Saturday, October 25, 2008

We are blessed

First of all, I'm taking a yoga class on Saturdays. It is a $30 class and Gadgetman said to go ahead and take it. Found out that I actually don't have to pay because my mom is an employee of the gym!

And the second blessing- Gadgetman called his aunt to find out where they buy their wood. She says "Are you willing to work for it?" and he says "Of course!" So he goes over and comes back with this:



Yes, that is our leased van (don't tell Dodge, shhhh!), he put a tarp down before putting the wood in. And the best part? Completely free, all he has to do is help his aunt cut her wood (she and her boyfriend helped him cut ours). AND! There's more where that came from! Lots more!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Raw wool

The raw wool I ordered off eBay got here ($5/lb + actual shipping). 2 lbs. of Millie (on the left) and 1 lb. of Dalanea (on the right). Both are Romney cross Border Leicester that is about 3-4 inches long.

Closeup of Millie

Closeup of Dalanea

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More ChaCha tips

Using Firefox, open two windows. Not two tabs, two windows. In the first window, log into the ChaCha Universe. That will bring up your Underground tab.
So first window= Universe and Underground.

In the second window, you're going to have about 10 tabs, just use this as a jumping off point. I use these tabs because this is what I get the most queries about. Yours may vary based on what you have your categories set as.

Tab 1- Black jokes- Highlight the one you find least offensive (hard, I know)

Tab 2- White jokes-
Same thing, highlight the least offensive

Tab 3- Clean one liners-
Highlight the one you like best

Tab 4- Blonde jokes-
Again, highlight one

Tab 5- Dirty jokes-
Highlight one

Tab 6- Magic 8 Ball-

Tab 7- Football scores-

Tab 8- Conversational page-

Tab 9- Sex how-tos-

Tab 10- Your favorite people finer (white pages, Spock, etc.)

Tab 11- Google or whatever search engine you use most

Now, when you get questions, you can switch to your second window. This drastically cuts down on your time when you get jokes, random questions, football score questions, etc. I can answer pretty much any joke question in under 10 seconds. You don't even have to highlight anything, because you already have them highlighted- just go to the tab, and click the button to add it as your source. Add a simple "ChaCha!" or "ChaCha on!" or "ChaCha again!" to the end and you're done!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


For those that haven't heard, there's a legitimate "earn money in your pj's" opportunity. All you do is answer questions for (if you sign up, use me as your reference- brianhobbs1875 @ is the email address) and you get $0.10 per question and $0.20 per question as top guide).

Here's a little something I put together to help other guides.

To begin with, I really like this blog:

Remember that if you're answering a conversational question- ie "Hi!" or "You're the best" or something of that nature, don't use as your source, you have to use as your source.

For jokes I like these sites, they're one liners (and yes, many of these are extremely offensive but people request them and it's not our job to like the question, just to answer it)-

clean/generic one liners-
sexist (both male and female)-
Helen Keller-

More tips to come in following blogs, stay tuned!