Sunday, October 19, 2008

More ChaCha tips

Using Firefox, open two windows. Not two tabs, two windows. In the first window, log into the ChaCha Universe. That will bring up your Underground tab.
So first window= Universe and Underground.

In the second window, you're going to have about 10 tabs, just use this as a jumping off point. I use these tabs because this is what I get the most queries about. Yours may vary based on what you have your categories set as.

Tab 1- Black jokes- Highlight the one you find least offensive (hard, I know)

Tab 2- White jokes-
Same thing, highlight the least offensive

Tab 3- Clean one liners-
Highlight the one you like best

Tab 4- Blonde jokes-
Again, highlight one

Tab 5- Dirty jokes-
Highlight one

Tab 6- Magic 8 Ball-

Tab 7- Football scores-

Tab 8- Conversational page-

Tab 9- Sex how-tos-

Tab 10- Your favorite people finer (white pages, Spock, etc.)

Tab 11- Google or whatever search engine you use most

Now, when you get questions, you can switch to your second window. This drastically cuts down on your time when you get jokes, random questions, football score questions, etc. I can answer pretty much any joke question in under 10 seconds. You don't even have to highlight anything, because you already have them highlighted- just go to the tab, and click the button to add it as your source. Add a simple "ChaCha!" or "ChaCha on!" or "ChaCha again!" to the end and you're done!