Monday, March 23, 2009


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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Jib got his glasses today. He looks like a miniature version of me LoL. I'm a bit cheesed that I got sucked into getting the pair that the guy suggested- they're too big and why did the guy think that a toddler's glasses would actually last more than a year? Durrr. I'm wondering if we can return them, or if we're even going to have him wear them. We keep encouraging him to leave them on but he gets a great deal of pleasure from putting them in their case. Toddlers!

Friday, March 20, 2009


We took Jib to the optometrist today. I haven't noticed anything huge- I've seen him squinting a couple of times, but that could just be normal goofy toddlerisms; but both Gadgetman and myself wear glasses so we figured better safe than sorry. Well, turns out he has a very slight prescription in both eyes. At first she said only one eye, but then she rechecked and said it was both eyes. She suggested glasses since I had mentioned the squinting, only she said "Since you've noticed him pulling away" which totally isn't what I said. I trust her, and get the glasses? Do I forego them? On one hand, I feel like we should get them because better treated early so as to fix the problem. On the other hand, I'm worried that glasses are like a crutch and will worsen his vision. Anyone have experience with toddlers and corrective lenses? What would you do? If it matters, Jib will be 3 next month. We picked out a pair of glasses and they'll be ready tomorrow at 1, we figured we'd get them filled since the insurance is paying for it anyway. Thoughts?

Thursday, March 19, 2009


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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So it's been a while

I've been paying more attention to my other blog This [eggstra]Ordinary Life. Heh, get it? It's about chickens? So here's what's new- chickens! (28 of them), business is going a heck of a lot better now that we've got the advertising down (Bushelbutt Boutique), my grandpa has cancer. We made an impromptu trip to Chicago (14 hours, there and back all in one night with me driving the entire time). What did I take from that? People who drive in Chicago are INSANE!!! Anyway, we went there to pick up my Godchild's daddy, who met her for the first time. The family is settled into their new apartment now, but daddy is sick- not surprising after traveling from California to Michigan via bus.

I kind of fell of the raw bandwagon but I'm working on getting back on. I'm at least 80% raw right now, and I am okay with that. The reason I was doing raw was mainly to get rid of my anxiety and panic attack issues, which it did. I found out that the problem is with milk, so as long as I stay away from that I'm fine.

So yeah, stay tuned for more blogs, I'm trying to keep up but sometimes life gets the best of me.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Still eating raw

Still going strong with the raw, though I've started to have one non-raw meal every two weeks. This week it was pizza, Jet's to be exact. Mmmmmm....Jet's pizza.....BUT I can definitely feel it in the way I'm incredibly sluggish. Back to fruits and veggies!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moving the chickens

So I figure that everyone is probably sick of me talking about chickens, my family definitely is. So if you're interested in hearing about it, please be sure to check out my Chicken Blog spinoff, called This [eggstra]Ordinary Life. It's got a TON of pictures and I hope to get some video up, especially when the eggs hatch. Hope to see you over there (I'll still be posting here also, but probably not as much until the chicken stuff has calmed down).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One thumb up to Decorah Hatchery

Woot! They have a whole thumb up from us so far......we got a call this morning saying that the chicks will ship out tomorrow. They should get here Thursday or Friday. YAY! Now to scrounge up some living quarters for them.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

A tentative thumbs up to Decorah Hatchery

I'm pretty sure this is a good sign- I received a handwritten receipt in the mail as well as the printout from the credit card. The Mr. had to phone the order in since they don't do online ordering, so I'm pretty impressed so far.

Friday, March 06, 2009


Not much happening chicken-wise, so here's a funny for you:

Getting a little worried about what we're going to use as a brooder. The Mr. called Sears and they've got a dishwasher box but I'm fearing it won't be big enough. I was really hoping for a refrigerator box, but maybe they'll get one in by the time the chicks outgrow the other.

Nothing going on with the eggs- still hand turning them by manually maneuvering the auto-turner. They'll be sleeping to the right tonight.

2 Thumbs Down for Welp Hatchery

Two big hairy man hand thumbs down, two short stubby fingernails bitten woman hand thumbs down, and two toddler thumbs down to Welp Hatchery. If you've been reading, you remember my post that Welp made me change my order.

Well, today my husband gets a call (after leaving them a message wondering when to expect the chicks) stating that they're not shipping until April 1st, as they all sold out while they were busy screwing with our order. On top of that, I got an email stating that they had charged my credit card ABOVE what I had authorized. I didn't realize that the slow broilers were more expensive, gave them the go-ahead to change the order and they neglected to okay the new charges with me.....mmmkay, not cool.

On a good note, I'm getting 6 Silkie fertile eggs shipped from a farm a couple of hours away, so they should be here in a couple days. I'm a little worried since they'll have different hatch dates from the first batch, but the lady assured me that it wouldn't be a problem. They're coming from Destiny Farms, I'll update with my review of them when I get the eggs.

Chicks are ordered........again

So after our fantastically awful experience with Welp Hatchery, we called Decorah Hatchery since they had the best prices and nothing said "sold out" on their website like everywhere else.

On order are:
2 Americana Pullets
2 Barred Rock Pullets
21 Cornish Rock Broilers St. Run

The guy said they should ship the 11th or the 18th.....the Mr. asked him to pretty please try for the 11th (I think he's sick of seeing me mope around the house due to chicken lust). Please Decorah.......don't disappoint me;)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Egg weights

All of these are based off of the unincubated weights taken. Now, I'm not a math whiz by any stretch, so if my calculations are off- please let me know.

Egg 1- 71.7g, -0.4g change from first weight, -0.55% change from first weight
Egg 2- 61.7g, -0.6g, -0.96%
Egg 3- 68.4g, -0.5g, -0.73%
Egg 4- 61.9g, -0.3g, -0.48%
Egg 5- 66.2g, -0.3g, -0.45%
Egg 6- 76.1g, -0.1g, -0.13%
Egg 7- 62.7g, -0.3g, -0.48%
Egg 8- 70.4g, -0.2g, -0.28%
Egg 9- 61.9g, -0.1g, -0.16%
Egg 10- 60.5g, -0.4g, -0.66%
Egg 11- 67.2g, -0.2g, -0.30%
Egg 12- 64.6g, -0.4g, -0.62%

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I ordered 25 birds from Welp Hatchery (25 is the smallest order available).

- 8 Cornish Rocks
- 7 Slow Broilers
- 5 Ameraucanas (Easter Eggers)
- 5 Barred Rocks

I wanted more of a diversity of egg layers, but Welp charges an additional $1.50 per sex or breed if you order less than 5.

I get an email today saying that the Cornish Rocks are hatched on a different schedule than the rest of the birds, so I either need to switch my order to 15 Slow Broilers or take shipment of 25 birds in each order. I told them that there's no way I can take shipment of 50 chickens, so to just switch my order.

I'm not real happy with them so far- I mean, why not just state that [the fact that they are hatched on a different schedule] on the website? Then, I asked if they'd be able to mark the breeds- a whole 4 breeds. They wanted an additional $0.25 PER BIRD to separate them and stick a sticker in each section marking the breed. Umm....seriously.


I'm hoping I'll be pleased once the chicks arrive.

Monday, March 02, 2009

The eagle has landed!

AKA the eggs are in the incubator. I pulled a "stupid" today- I've had the incubator plugged in for about 24 hours now, and the egg turner hasn't turned a bit. I know it goes slowly, so I made sure to check it every few hours. Well, I had finally come to terms with the fact that the turner wasn't working and had gotten into the mindset that I would just be hand turning. I had made the decision that I'd still put the eggs in the auto turner, but unplug it. This way, they would still be more secure than just letting them roam free.

I went in to put the eggs in the incubator, and after double checking the egg turner- wasn't hooked up! It was plugged in, but the turner wasn't hooked up to the knob on the turner. LoL, it is now working and the eggs are in:) Just working on getting them up to a steady temp.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Egg weights

1- 72.1g
2- 62.3g
3- 68.9g
4- 62.2g
5- 66.5g
6- 76.2g
7- 63.0g
8- 70.6g
9- 62.0g
10- 60.9g
11- 67.4g
12- 65.0g

Setting up the incubator

The incubator is all set up and holding steady at 99.5* F. The directions say to leave it on for a half day before putting in the eggs, but I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning so I don't wake up to accidentally cooked eggs.

I'm using my mom's hundred year old HovaBator. She used to hatch the Mallard duck eggs that our neighbors would find in their boats come springtime. Her very first hatch was done under a lightbulb, misted with a spray bottle. I've heard that hatching isn't the easiest thing to do; she's my hero!