Friday, March 20, 2009


We took Jib to the optometrist today. I haven't noticed anything huge- I've seen him squinting a couple of times, but that could just be normal goofy toddlerisms; but both Gadgetman and myself wear glasses so we figured better safe than sorry. Well, turns out he has a very slight prescription in both eyes. At first she said only one eye, but then she rechecked and said it was both eyes. She suggested glasses since I had mentioned the squinting, only she said "Since you've noticed him pulling away" which totally isn't what I said. I trust her, and get the glasses? Do I forego them? On one hand, I feel like we should get them because better treated early so as to fix the problem. On the other hand, I'm worried that glasses are like a crutch and will worsen his vision. Anyone have experience with toddlers and corrective lenses? What would you do? If it matters, Jib will be 3 next month. We picked out a pair of glasses and they'll be ready tomorrow at 1, we figured we'd get them filled since the insurance is paying for it anyway. Thoughts?