Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So it's been a while

I've been paying more attention to my other blog This [eggstra]Ordinary Life. Heh, get it? It's about chickens? So here's what's new- chickens! (28 of them), business is going a heck of a lot better now that we've got the advertising down (Bushelbutt Boutique), my grandpa has cancer. We made an impromptu trip to Chicago (14 hours, there and back all in one night with me driving the entire time). What did I take from that? People who drive in Chicago are INSANE!!! Anyway, we went there to pick up my Godchild's daddy, who met her for the first time. The family is settled into their new apartment now, but daddy is sick- not surprising after traveling from California to Michigan via bus.

I kind of fell of the raw bandwagon but I'm working on getting back on. I'm at least 80% raw right now, and I am okay with that. The reason I was doing raw was mainly to get rid of my anxiety and panic attack issues, which it did. I found out that the problem is with milk, so as long as I stay away from that I'm fine.

So yeah, stay tuned for more blogs, I'm trying to keep up but sometimes life gets the best of me.